Microsoft Excel - VBA course


This course introduces you to the world of programing. You will understand how helpful its use with other products of Microsoft. VBA programing is one of Microsoft product which provides a programing platform (VBA editor) for programmers to write programs for Excel, Word, Outlook and other Microsoft applications. This course is for those who suffer with boredom jobs on such applications. VBA programing help us in automating the jobs. You can join us to hone to your skills on VBA programing as the scope of VBA programing with other products extensively helps you to grow professionally.

What you'll learn in Ms-Excel VBA course.

VBA course:-


VBA level Yes Practise matrial-30
Coach by - Manoj kumar Fees 7000 Videos 32
Course durations
60 days
Group facility

Level testing


  • Connection in Excel & VBA using developer tab
  • Learn VBA Editor Tools and windows
  • Front facing of VBA Editor with other tools and windows
  • Knowledge of Variables and its scope
  • Learn references use & procedures making
  • Practical use of operators with programming
  • Learn conditional statements like if and Switch case
  • Code improvisation using loops like For-Next loop, Do-While loop, Do-Until Loop
  • Using loops with multi-dimensional arrays
  • Know role of event on automation
  • Learn program writing on different events of WB and WS
  • Understanding on Various user form tools
  • User form techniques.
  • Live practical use of UF tools (Combo box, list box, Option button etc)
  • Programming Tasks related to this module
  • Some practical test will be provided

  • Student feedback


    Specially would say thanks ExcelHour on the side of placement. “Now I am employed


    Would like to share my learning experience with ExcelHour on VBA. I have spent a very good time in VBA. It goes straight to implementation and practiced oriented. I would recommend this as a game changer since basis this course have got growth professionally.

    Pawan bohit

    Have never got such kind of training. Awesome….finally got the placement. Hurray! Thanks ExcelHour!