Microsoft Excel - Advanced Level


This course is for those who want more from Excel and want to give their Excel knowledge new depths. This course will introduce you with some of the Excel’s advanced features and functionalities that will help you to give your professional career a new boost.

In this course you will be provided an in-depth knowledge of Excel’s in built functions and their structure, Advance filtering techniques with built-in Adavanced Filter command, splitting long text strings in different columns based on delimiters, weaving magic in your Excel worksheets with Custom Number Formatting along with performing various kinds of lookups using Vlookup, Hlookup, Index-Match, Offset, Address etc, on top of all you will learn the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Application) to record macros for faster execution of various tasks which will save a lot of manual work and reduce possible errors.

By the time you finish this course, you will be able to consolidate data from different worksheets and create your own attractive dashboards using charts, Pivot Table, Function based reports.

Our aim is to make your analytical abilities a new boost and make you more productive and efficient in your day to day professional life.

What you'll learn in Ms-Excel Advanced .

Here we train for the advance level of Ms-Excel wherein we cover below topic along with some important basics and tests.


Advance level Yes Practise matrial-20
Coach by - Manoj kumar Fees 5000 Videos 40
Course durations
20 days
Group facility

Level testing


  • Role of cell reference using formulae
  • Types of cell references
  • Making you understand different types of cells references by practical examples

    User forms come handy in our day to day data entry needs, therefore we make sure that you never miss out them

  • Own list creation, Introduction to Series
  • Paste Special - (Cell properties pasting tricks)
  • Data Validation - (With data validation we ensure that correct data is being entered always)
  • Data filtering complicated techniques which helps in suppliing data on demand to stakeholders.
  • Organizing data in any order
  • Data selection and data separation tricks
  • On demand cell formatting with some magical tricks
  • Function anatomy
  • Description on multiple categories of functions like Text Functions,Date & Time Functions, Logical Functions, Lookup & Reference Functions, Array Function etc.
  • Fetching live data from internet
  • Impoting data from other databases like Access, Sql etc
  • Learn various level of protections like workbook protection, worksheet protection etc.
  • Understanding on report preparations
  • Summarizing data using Pivot Table
  • Data visualisation using Charts
  • Prepare consolidated reports using Consolidation
  • What-If Analysis
  • Dashboards creation with interactive charts
  • Understanding on Macros
  • Creation of Macros

Student feedback

Dhamesh kumar

Practicals made me effective. I do want to thanks Manoj Sir for providing such rare study material.

Jitendra Bohit

I have done advanced level of Excel and after completing this course I would say ExcelHour has a special focus on logic build up. They made me able to solve issues in multiple ways.

Pawan bohit

Joining with a reputed organization was my aim. I put more efforts in learning this course and would say thanks to the ExcelHour to provide such mind-blowing faculty who gave 100% of theirs.