Microsoft Excel - Basic Level


This course introduces you to the world of Excel. You will understand what MS Excel is and how and where it is being used in the professional spheres with its amazing data analysis capabilities. You will be taken through a journey right from the very basics like how data is entered and manipulated in worksheets for creating tables, protecting your work from unauthorized access, creating and working with Excel series, Filtering data and many more. At the end of this course you will be able to appreciate its data crunching abilities and its real life application in daily professional environment.

What you'll learn in Ms-Excel Basic.

In this course you will lerarn about the basics of Ms-Excel. In this course we let the student understand what is Excel,
appreciate its data crunching abilities and its real life application in daily professional environment.

Key Features:-


Basic level Yes Practise matrial-15
Coach by - Manoj kumar Fees 2500 Videos 05
Course durations
20 days
Group facility

Level testing


  • Fundamental of Excel
  • Description on workbook, worksheet, cell and cell properties
  • Places where we use excel
  • How do we use it?
  • Data gyan
  • Basic understanding on table
  • Explaination on table’s properties
  • Role of table in data management
  • Excel data types
  • Saving Excel documents
  • Explaination on role of file saving extensions
  • Securing methods of a workbook
  • Extensive role of shortcut keys in becoming fast in excel based jobs.
  • Direct and navigational shortcut keys
  • Making you fast in excel based jobs using short cut keys by providing practical material.
  • Defining the Name
  • Learning some handy data-entry techniques
  • Leaning on data filtering techniques
  • Function basic understanding
  • Page Setup and taking printouts
  • Some practical test will be provided

  • Student feedback


    I was Excel beginner before doing this course from ExcelHour, but know can say that yes I have a thorough knowledge of excel. A special thanks to Excel Hour.


    This course helped me lot in terms of get growth in my professional life. Hats off

    Jitendra Bohit

    Doing Excel basic course and would say that it’s easy to use.