Formula for auto increased serial number in Excel

Tips-&-Tricks Apr 01, 2019

For auto increase in serial is very easy in excel. It can be done by several ways but in this blog we want it by formula.

Let's suppose we have 1 in cell A2 and we want to increase serial number in linear method one by one, we can apply =A2+1 in cell A3, copy the formula and paste in below cells up to cell A11. You will get increase number series from 1 to 10.

Another challenge -

Do you face challenges in increasing number basis data in right side adjacent cell and increase the number leaving blank cells? If you know it already, you are welcome to skip it and for the learners let's learn it with an example.

We have table where before 1st column, we would like to insert formula to increase serial numbers.


Desired result - I want the result according to image "Desired result"

Desired result

and let's suppose exists in range G7:G12 and then apply below formula from G9 since G8 contains 1 already as base value.

The formula is -


Copy the formula and paste in below cells up to G12.

It will help you in getting desired result.

Thank You!

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