Weeknum Vs IsoWeeknum functions of Excel

Tips-&-Tricks Apr 01, 2019

What is the difference between Weeknum and IsoWeeknum functions of Excel?

Lets learn first about Weeknum function.

Weeknum Function - This function helps to find the week number for a particular date in the same year. And it calculates week number based on users need (on weekdays basis). To know more about Weeknum Function click here.

ISOweeknum Function - This function has the same working as Weeknum function. But it is slight different from Weeknum function. This function provides the week number for a date but it follows ISO concept for week number.

Now the question is, How does the ISO method calculates it?

it follows single concept like 1st 7 days are count as 1st week and then so on. This is very basic funda which is used in ISO method. This function calculates week number from 1st day of the year

Function ISOWeeknum is used to return the week number (for a specified date) in the year. It follows the ISO (International organization for Standardization) week number.
1 =ISOWEEKNUM("1/6/2019")

#Function #Weeknum is used to return the week number (for a specified date) in the year. It has 2 parameters and the 2nd parameter is used to define the weeks beginning on specific day.
2 =WEEKNUM("01/6/2019",1) - Here 1 is used for Sunday as 1st day of week.

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