Microsoft Excel - All Courses

What you'll learn

Introduction to Excel and its elements.                                      
Dynamic range creation
Organizing data in ascending or descending order.                  
Custom number format. (Learn magic with cell values).
Data and reports Consolidation.                                                
Conditional formatting. (Format cell value based on conditions).
Impoting data from other databases like Access, Sql. etc.        
Connection with other database applictions.


Our “OBJECTIVE” is to develop and hone your analytical mind-set so that you can better face the ever challenging real life scenarios in your professional environment and get on a growth path. We provide the quality training in MS Excel and VBA

Today in such competitive environment, data is considered the backbone of any company and Ms-excel has been one of the most powerful and versatile software since its inception in 1980s. Today it is the most popular analytical software with new features being added frequently by Microsoft making it one of the most powerful and used Data Analytics software in the world which helps business professional in finding their day to day business solutions.

We emphasize on letting people know the importance of data in various professions like MIS professionals, Finance coordinators, Database Managers, HRs professionals and the importance of data in different spheres of activities.

Ms-Excel all courses

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Basic level of Ms-Excel   

  • 15 days classes
  • Certificate of training
  • Tutorials
         Practice matrial-15

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    Ms-Excel Advanced level  

  • 20 days classes
  • Certificate of training
  • Tutorials
         Practice matrial-40

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    Excel Modules for Professionals

  • MIS Executive
  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Analyst
  • Accountant & Auditors
  • Store Manager

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    Ms-Excel VBA

  • 60 days classes
  • Certificate of training
  • Tutorials
         Practice matrial-30

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    Student feedback

    Pawan Bohit

    I was Excel beginner before doing this course from ExcelHour, but know can say that yes I have a thorough knowledge of excel. A special thanks to Excel Hour.


    This course helped me lot in terms of get growth in my professional life. Hats off


    I have done advanced level of Excel and after completing this course I would say ExcelHour has a special focus on logic build up. They made me able to solve issues in multiple ways.